Live CD

You can download an ISO image of the disc and burn it to a CD. The download bandwidth is provided by AmbiWeb GmbH, many thanks.

Pascal de Bruijn has also mirrored the ISO which may be faster than the official download site.


Unlike expensive photospectrometer devices the ColorHug is a colorimeter and measures a single set of primaries. Different displays have very different primaries and we can use user-contributed matrices to better adapt the ColorHug sensor to a particular display technology.

Using the factory-supplied matrices you can get pretty accurate color readings without actually changing anything. To more accurately measure colors from a display, CCMX files are used. These specific to a particular display make and model combination.

You can update the list of calibration matrices and load new data on to the ColorHug device by running colorhug-ccmx.

ccmx program

Client code

If you are not running Fedora 16 or Ubuntu you may need to compile and build the client tools tarball.

The client tools are required if you want to test or flash new firmware on your ColorHug.

Packages for Ubuntu can be found here courtesy of Pascal de Bruijn.


Unlike proprietary devices the firmware may be updated as new versions are released. Firmware releases will add features, fix bugs and improve accuracy. The client tools can be used to update the firmware easily. The firmware will always be available to download for free.

You can check and update your firmware version by running colorhug-flash.

flash program

If you want to play with different versions of the flash code, all the past versions are archived and can be written to the ColorHug using /usr/libexec/colorhug flash-firmware.

Stay tuned about new firmware and client code updates by subscribing to our mailing list.

Getting the source

You can find all the source code (including the bootloader, firmware, client, schematic, website and PCB) in the several colorhug git repositories. It's all licenced as GPL version 2 (or later) unless otherwise noted.

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