You bought a ColorHug!

First, thanks. I really appreciate you giving Open Hardware a try. Second, please join the colorhug-users group and tell us what you think. All announcements about new firmware updates and new client code will also be done on the mailing list.

If you are using CD version 20120424 or older (or your own packages) then make sure that you choose Native whitepoint when choosing the screen target temperature. Newer versions of gnome-color-manager have been patched to use only the native whitepoint when colorimeter devices such as the ColorHug are detected. LiveCD versions 20120510 and newer are not affected.

Things you might want to do now:

Check the hardware

Low-level access

First, we check the hardware can be accessed. Insert the LiveCD and reboot, making sure you boot the CD when the BIOS screen shows. Then, connect the ColorHug and run:

      $ colorhug-cmd set-leds green 5 200 200

This should flash the green LED 5 times.

Get latest firmware

      $ /usr/bin/colorhug-flash
flash program

Get up to date calibration matrices

      $ /usr/bin/colorhug-ccmx
ccmx program

Then click Refresh and select calibration matrices for each display type that match your display kind (using the default calibration is usually good enough for most people).

Measuring a test patch

      $ /usr/bin/gcm-picker

Hold the device against the screen and click the Measure button. Hopefully the color on the screen will roughtly match the sample color.

Then we can create a ICC profile.

      $ /usr/bin/gnome-control-center color